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Accordion Discharge. Standard discharge on trash chutes. The Smart System is a hands-free door system for our trash chutes that allows centralized, touch screen or remote monitoring of all the chute doors in your system for building personnel. Fully ADA-Compliant and

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4 ft. above roof of the building per NFPA. Vents include a top explosion cap with a bird screen and roof flashing flange. Discharge Doors 1. Standard sliding discharge door for chutes is spring loaded and held open with a 155° U.L. approved fusible link. 2. “B” construction type discharge door for linen chutes. 3.

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Waste or linen chutes shall discharge into an enclosed room separated by fire barriers with a fire-resistance rating not less than the required fire rating of the shaft enclosure and constructed in accordance with Section 707 or horizontal assemblies constructed in accordance with Section 711, or both.Openings into the discharge room from the remainder of the building shall be protected by

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As a manufacturer, we can also provide custom sized chutes. Our chute doors are all 100% stainless steel, front and back panels, sides and skirt. All sections are fully welded. We offer a choice of discharge for trash chutes and a standard linen hopper for laundry chutes.

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2021-3-16  Central Cleaning System is designed to clean the total vertical length of the internal surfaces of chutes. It can be pre-set on timers to automatically clean at your desired frequency. The 120 deg solid cone profile discharge sprinkler provided above the last intake level provides full circular coverage.


2018-3-19  3. Discharge: Wilkinson Chutes Canada type “AC” open end chute discharge door with 165°F. (74°C) fusible link at the bottom of the chute discharge to close automatically when the ambient temperature reaches 165°F. (74°C) as required by city or provincial building and/or fire codes. Unit with cU.L. ® rating as described above. 4.

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Schonbach Chutes are designed with an exhaust system to provide a lower limit of 20 air exhausts every hour. Schonbach Chutes are designed with intake hoppers that can withstand 90 minutes of ˜re rated. Schonbach Chutes are also designed with intake hop-pers that shut automatically, and discharge-end ˜re doors for optimal safety.

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2021-3-17  1. Consider installing the chute at a distance from the building on a steel scaffold. The fire in this photo occurred when a welding spark from an upper level fell into the dry container. The fire quickly spread from the container to the scaffold mounted chute and damaged the right hand corner of the building.

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Most rubbish and recycle chutes require a horizontal discharge door. See our Discharge Door Comparison Sheet for more information. Why do I need fire-rated chute doors? Building codes require fire-rated chute doors because any vertical shaft in a building has the potential to